Who is Adeptry looking for?

Adeptry is an agency built around a few core employees, and a network of talented strategists, creatives, and developers. Our network is only so large, so we’re always looking to expand our horizons and add more talent to our team.

Most of these opportunities will be temporary project assignments at first. That will give us a chance work together, test out each other’s working style, and see if it’s a good fit longer term. We hope that some of the people who work with us on a project basis will become full-time employees in the future as our business grows.

What skills are Adeptry looking for?

We like to work with experienced professionals who know their craft. We’re an all-remote, WFH operation, so we need self-starters, those who can work independently. This allows us to be flexible, and we look to break from the all-consuming agency culture that is pervasive in the industry. Good communication is key, as we need talent who can be client-facing, manage their own schedule, and are confident in communicating on their own.

What roles are Adeptry looking to fill?


Art Directors

Brand/Marketing Strategists


Front-end, Back-end, and full stack Developers

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