Recent work

Picket, the home-inspection marketplace

The team at Picket realized that the home inspection business was in need of disruption and modernization, and they came to Adeptry for help with development of their vision. We built the Picket platform from the ground up, using NodeJS and TypeScript full-stack to quickly deliver a quality web experience to their users. The platform integrates with Stripe to guarantee secure payments and payouts for their customers and inspectors, uses Google Maps and MapBox to visualize data for administrators, and implements Twilio for emails and SMSs to keep all users informed about how the inspections are going. On the front end, we use React and Bootstrap to efficiently deliver a beautiful experience to users.

Pipeline Coffee’s mobile ordering iOS and Android app

Pipeline Coffee, a Long Island-based roasting and brewing company, came to us asking for a totally uncompromising mobile ordering experience for their customers that integrates with their point-of-sale (POS) system without any percentage of sales going to third parties. They wanted all the bells and whistles that mobile apps can offer – tablet support, dark-mode support, localization, quick-reorder, analytics, and anything else we could think of. The result is an app so good that Pipeline is working with us to offer it to other retailers and on other POS systems. The Pipeline Coffee app has now served thousands of customers across all their locations, on iOS and Android.

Flexible workspace check-in iPad kiosk app

When a platform limitation was discovered late in the development process, the launch plans for a new product offering from a major NYC-based flexible workspace company were thrown into disarray: Users were going to be unable to check in. That’s where we stepped in, providing rapid native iOS development for the company’s check in and check out in-store kiosk experience. We were given both completed designs and a largely complete back end. In the span of a week and in time for the launch, we developed and deployed a full-featured iPad app for the new-product offering, complete with scanning of QR codes using the camera, rendering of the store in a SceneKit view, and tools for employees to administer the application.

In-store makeup product recommendation app

We provided a major multinational retailer of cosmetics with iOS development services for their in-store and in-house tools. Specifically, they have a service they provide to their customers that recommends a product suite based on a skin analysis. In testing this, we discovered that there are minor discrepancies in the cameras of iPhones, so we also developed an internal tool for them to color-correct these discrepancies against a control. The result is a precise skin-tone read that consistently and reliably recommends quality products to their in-store customers.

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